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How to Rank Your Video on Youtube,
How to Rank Videos on Youtube and Google,
How to Rank my Video on No. 1,
Today I will show you everything you need to know. How to Rank video on Youtube. SEO Tips, Watch this Video Completely If you are watching this video you probably already know that video is very powerful tool for your business.
But the problem is most people don’t know how to rank their videos. Because of this they don’t get more views on their videos.
Now i will show you how to rank your videos on youtube.
10 Step Formulla to Rank you video on Youtube.
Step – 1 Find the perfect keyword for your videos.
One of the biggest mistake that most people make he just create videos that people are actually searching for. You can actually find the specific keyword that people are looking for and you can do this with the google keyword and you can find the perfect keyword for your videos.
Step-2 Adding your keyword in your Video Script.
Yes don’t forget to add your video on making paper flower say minimum 3 times paper flower in your video and get your video on high rank.
Step – 3 Use your keyword as your filename
before uploading the video make sure your keyword is your video File name. Like – Paperflower.Mp4.
Step – 4 Use Proper Title and discription.
Every title should be start with main keyword and the secondary key work all more information about your videos.
Now come on the video discription every video discription should be minimum 200 to 400 Words. Please don’t forget to add discription add all the most important keywords which are already said in your video.add more keywords what your video is all about.
Don’t forget to add your URL of your landing page or wesite Video URL. Channel URL, your channel other videos URL.
Step- 5 Add Your Tags.
Just add your main keyword and also your channel name and after find tags by tubebuddy. If you add your channel name in your videos your another video come down in suggestion on your currently watching videos.
Step-6 Upload a transcript of your video.
You can upload one already caption tab of your video. Transcript is just word to word discription of the audio in your video. And this is huge indicator to google and what is video is all about. And pls don’t skip this step. Because this is very important to getting your video Ranked.
Step -7 Building your Channel and using Playlists.
Build your channel with Real Views, Real Comments, Real subscriber, Real backlinks, That will be make your video a powerfull channel to get ranking videos Eaiser and Faster.
Now Using Playlists match with your video main keyword.
Step- 8 Get more social indicators social indicator are quickly becoming an important ranking factor to your video.Thing like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pin it, are extremly important for your videos share your youtube vidoes on your social media profiles don’t forget to encurage people to like, Comment, Subscribe your videos.
Step – 9 Regular Active on Youtube.
That means regularly upload a video on youtube in a week.
Step – 10 Making a Great Video.
The Most Important thing please make a great video dedicate full efforts to make a video because watching time depends on your video quality.
These formulla’s Defenetely helped you to get ranked on youtube and pls don’t forget to subscribe my channel.
See you again.
Thanks Bye bye.

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